Published Friday, July 7, 2017

Krasl Art Fair This weekend!!

I know it has been a while.
Just a quick note to let you know that I will be showing my new work at the Krasl Art Fair this weekend in St. Joseph Michigan.
I will be in booth 167.
This is a really nice show and hey, it’s hard to beat the surroundings. A bluff, overlooking Lake Michigan.
Come on out, I’ll see you there.

Published Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ahhhhhhh, here we are

Hello everyone,
Welcome back, or, I should say that about myself. I do hope that you like my new website. Just a quick little note that this weeekend I will be in Bronson Park at the KIA Art Fair, booth B-06. Sunday, we go into Chicago to see U2 perform Joshua Tree at Soldier field (I cannot wait). Then home, then back to Chicago for the Old Town Art Fair, booth 141 on Orleans. Sheepishly, I say, that this is my 40th year for doing both of those shows!!!!! I started doing them when I got out of college and just have not yet figured out how to get a legit job. Slow learner? Maybe.

On another front, I had a nice pause in the jewelry action after St. Paul. So, I built a 12 foot, seats sixteen table for our cottage up north. It was a very fun project. It’s nice to work in fractions of an inch, instead of fractions of a millimeter. Here’s what that turned out like. We’ve yet to fill it, but that will happen soon.
I hope to see you this, or next weekend in. Now it is time for me to get back to the bench.
Have a great day.

Published Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A New Website, Saint Paul and hopefully spring!

Happy Wednesday everyone,

First, since you have come to this site to read my musings, I wanted to introduce you to my new website. I think that it looks beautiful and works across all platforms. Thank you to Eric Schmidt and Carol Derks for all of their hard work.

Next up for me, beside the website is the American Craft Council show in Saint Paul at he RiverCentre. I will be showing a whole lot of new work in booth #508. If you have never seen this show, you owe it to yourself. It is a really great show of some of the most talented craftspeople in the country. I am honored to be included.

I’m not going to talk long, because there is one last piece that I am trying to finish up (isn’t there always??)

I’ll see you this weekend.


Published Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spring should not yet feel like it is in the air, but it DOES feel like it is in the air!

I cannot believe that in the middle of February, I am feeling spring and getting spring fever. It is a terrible tease, that I am sure will come back to haunt me and dash those feelings. But wait, this morning I was walking Bella (Yorkie) in the sunshine (longer days, right?) birds were singing (another clue) and a flock of Cranes flew overhead (come on, that has to mean something, right???). Ok, ok, I know it is wishful thinking. But, as far as winter goes, this has been “unwinter”. December started nice, then pfoof, it was all gone. There isn’t much I like less in winter than rain, ick. And we have had our share. It could’ve been a ton of snow.

Well, enough about my winter whining, get on with it Tom.

The American Craft Show in Baltimore is coming up February 24-26. I will be showing my new work in booth 1903. I am busy working these fingers to the bone, trying to get that mid-winter (see, I said it. It’s still winter) burst of creative pieces all made. I am sure that I will not get to everything…….but I will try.

After ACC Baltimore, is the American Craft Show Atlanta. It is over St. Patricks day weekend this year, March 17-19. I will be in booth 411 there.

Come to one of these really great shows. I’m excited about what I am making, I hope that you will be too.

Til then,

Published Thursday, November 3, 2016

The colors are beautiful

Well, I just opened my last blog, I was talking about a show that I was doing in Lancaster, PA……….in the beginning of September!! I guess I have been a bit negligent in my writing. I frequently feel that there is too much talk and not enough work. Or at least that is the excuse that I’ll try to make fly. Really, there is no excuse…..for anything. I’ve just been negligent, pure and simple.

So, since my last post, we have been through September (I did a show in Glencoe, IL), October (I did a show in DC) and here we are in November AND the Cubs just won the world series!!!!

Our son in law is associate editor of the Vine Line, the magazine of the Cubs. He was in Cleveland last night for the game. I’m not sure if my heart has stopped racing yet! What a game!

But, where am I, or where was I? Well, my next show will be the One of a Kind Show in the Merchandise Mart of Chicago. I will be in booth 7056. If you would like two free tickets to the show, please email me or call the studio, I will send a link for the passes. The show is huge, a blast and crowded. Plus, Michigan Avenue in December, how can you beat that.

See, last blog I’m talking about a summer show, now I’m virtually putting up Christmas decorations. Time flies when you are not writing.

I hope to see you all in Chicago, if not have great rest of the year. In my case, since I am so good about this blogging thing, my next post will be about planting flowers.

I hope not, I really hope not.